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Assignment week 3 due wednesday

Assignment week 3 due wednesday - these resources by...

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Assignment: CheckPoint: Technological Tools Due Date: Day 3 – Wednesday, March 31, 2010 Where to Post: Individual Forum (IF) Point Value: 30 points Word Count: 200- to 300-word response CheckPoint: Technological Tools You may have noticed that certain course resources have been made available to you in digital and Web-based formats. For example, you can download some of the audio appendixes to your desktop or to a portable device like an equipped cell phone, MP3 player, or PDA, and listen to them later. You can access an extensive online University library, view digital stories about course activities, and use tutorials about Axia College resources to be academically successful. Locate the University Library by logging on to your student website, selecting the Library tab and clicking the University Library link. 1. Explore
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Unformatted text preview: these resources by downloading an audio appendix to your computer or a portable device, perusing the library, or reviewing a tutorial. Audio appendixes are in Appendixes B and D. 2. Post a 200- to 300-word response in your Individual Forum to the following: o Describe your opinion of technological tools provided by Axia College, including audio appendixes, digital stories, and tutorials. Explain why you feel this way. o Does the option to download appendixes in an audio format improve the quality of your educational experience? Does it make learning more convenient due to its portability? Does it help you learn in different ways? Is it something you will not use? Describe your attitude. 3. Post the Assignment in your Individual Forum with the Subject Line: Week 3 CheckPoint: Technological Tools...
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