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Checkpoint week 9 - Checkpoint week 9 Make Responsible...

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Checkpoint week 9 Make Responsible Choices Tiffany Altvater Gen 105
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It’s October 16 th , 2011 I have just finished my last class, and I am set to graduate with my Associates in Elementary Education in less than a week, so my family plans a huge dinner to celebrate. During dinner there is lots of talk about what my next step in life will be, will I continue my education right away, or get some experience in the field, or will I try to do both? I am trying to answer everyone at once, getting tongue tied like I always do when I feel under pressure, when I feel my husband and best friend Adam squeeze my hand, I look over and he stands up so that my family can see him and says, “first let me thank you all for coming out to celebrate this big accomplishment. Tiffany has been working on this goal so long, that I would like to take a moment to reflect on the things that I think helped her see her education through, one this woman never gives up, never let the impossible hold her back. The second thing I would say about her is that she defines the word dedicated, dedicated to doing something with her life.
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