biblio - =#db=e0h&AN=23438014 This great resource...

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Annotated Bibliography N/A. (2007). Statistics on American Diversity. This open discussion argues for diversity by citing the statistics of the 2000 census, and examining the growth of children of immigrants and dual nationals. Trent, J. E. (2007). BILINGUALISM IN CANADA: A BRIEF OVERVIEW. Retrieved September 22, 2010, 2010, from This is a blog post which examines the favorable expansion of racial tolerance due to the passage of law, which made bilingual education mandatory. It cites statistics which show that racial tolerance increased in proportion to bilingualism. Result 64 of 760462 Detailed Record Title: Multicultural Special Education: Effective Intervention for Today's Schools. . (2007). (Vol. 42), p148-155. Retrieved from vid=6&hid=102&sid=135f20df-3e9e-4390-b2e4-
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Unformatted text preview: %3d#db=e0h&AN=23438014 This great resource because it allows me to use educated opinions about multicultural diversity in American education. This is also a good article because I will use specific examples to explain my thesis in detail. Enhancing Diversity Education. . (2007). Multicultural Education, Vol. 14 (Issue 3), p51-55, 5p. Retrieved from %3d#db=e0h&AN=24895474 This source is a great reference for my paper because it talks in specific details about what the core of my paper is about. This article includes many details that I can use through my paper to emphasize my point. This article was submitted by a journal that has the main focus of multicultural education. Annotated Bibliography...
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biblio - =#db=e0h&AN=23438014 This great resource...

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