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Capstone Checkpoint Week 9 Eng 102 Tiffany Altvater Melonee Griggs 8/25/2010 Having finished working on my research paper for the Eng 102 course, I would like to provide advice to future students who may be struggling with incorporating the APA style into their writing to refer to the numerous examples that are provided through the Center for Writing Excellence. The Center for Writing Excellence has detailed examples, a reference generator, a thesis generator, and the new software download available called, Riverpoint Writer. The Riverpoint Writer Program works with your version of Microsoft Word to automatically format a paper to meet APA standards, with just a few simple clicks this program provides you with a title page, complete with all of the required information, and then will continue to format the rest of your paper with correctly measured margins and grammatically correct headers and footers. I enjoyed writing my research paper about the short comings of mankind and our march toward
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Unformatted text preview: equal human rights for all human beings, and breaking free from the classifications that have held our civilizations down for centuries. Through my research I have been able to link the lack of respect and enforcement of human rights equality that should be extended to all human beings as part of one species, since the time that Homo sapiens began to walk this planet all the forward to the present time and date. In conclusion, I believe that my fellow scholars will be interested in reading the research paper that I have written because it covers a widely ignored, but never the less true, fact that despite our many differences, and walks of life that we have all evolved from we are all part of the same species and origins, and because we are essentially all the same we all deserve to invoke the rights that were passed to us during birth, our human rights....
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