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Unformatted text preview: There are many computer security systems that do various things; the ideal security system would be an all-in-one computer security system and I’ve researched two different types and will explain the details of what is different between the two types I choose. PC Tools and McAfee both have an all-in-one security system so I will include how they affect the computer, what they do to improve the performance, how they keep the computer safe and why it’s important to have this kind of system. Computers that have an all-in-one security system will usually have all the major scans that keep your computer clean and risk free. Spyware, viruses and many other attackers will try to infiltrate the security system. Firewall keeps all unwelcome outsiders out of your business and makes smart choices so that not everything sets off an alarm. Rootkit detection is able to see and remove hidden threats, memory scanning occasionally scans the memory of your computer to make sure there are no lurking or attached...
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