Future Technology - that are commonly used in airplanes and...

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CIS 105 Technology of the Future Tiffany Altvater 07/10/2010
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The technological device of the future that I have chosen to report on is “Flying Cars.” I absolutely love the idea of a flying car and have dreamed of them since I was a child. There are prototypes of flying cars, the most efficient and encouraging design coming from MIT the car is called the Moller M400 and its premier date was December 2008. Thanks to the scientific advancement in both the fields of automobiles and aircrafts scientists are now able to incorporate both designs to create an automobile that has the ability to unfold wings and take off to flight. While the designs that a currently available will definitely need some tweaking before it is both road worthy and flight worthy this concept is definitely on its way to becoming a real life creation that I foresee “taking off,” if you won’t mind the expression. Moller M400 designed by MIT is a constantly changing and improving design that incorporates the use of turbine engines
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Unformatted text preview: that are commonly used in airplanes and helicopters into automobiles, giving them the ability to reach the speeds necessary to provide what is called lift, which is basically forcing enough air under and around the wings to force the entire vehicle to take off from the ground and the air force combined with the combustion force provided by the turbine engines supply enough force to allow the vehicle to climb toward the clouds. In conclusion the concept of the flying car is one that has been dreamed of for several years and has recently become a reality thanks to advancement in several areas of technology. I believe this concept will only grow in the years to come and eventually will lead to more advancements in more areas of science. I believe this invention has been of the most highly anticipated and long awaited advancement of human kind...
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Future Technology - that are commonly used in airplanes and...

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