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The writing style that is used named APA

The writing style that is used named APA - chronologically...

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The writing style that is used named APA, or American Psychological Association format, is both similar and different from the MLA format used in the past. I find the over-all organization and presentation of a paper to be much more impressive when using the APA format compared to the MLA format. One of the differences that may take some time to get use to is the rule that applies to capitalization of word major words, when using the MLA writing style you would capitalize the most of the major words that you use, but when using the APA writing format you are supposed to only capitalize the first word. Another difference between MLA and APA formats is, when you are writing in the MLA style you would list multiple works by an author in alphabetical order, and when you are writing in the APA format you list the work
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Unformatted text preview: chronologically, I find this change to be one of the easiest to get use to. In conclusion, although there are many changes to get adjust to, I believe these changes will become easier to utilize with practice. Once I have mastered the APA writing style I will be able to write beautiful well organized and thought out papers, papers that my instructors will enjoy reading. I look forward to practicing this format I have already download the APA format template and try to refer to it as often as I can. I know that mastering this writing style will be tricky in some cases, but I want to be able to write in a style that I can present my work in proudly. Tiffany Altvater...
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