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I think we - people to see past everything else and see our...

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I think we as a people try to label too many of our perceptions, or ideas, making definition too technical. When I listen to debates like the one concerning multiple intelligences versus the board definition of talent, why can't we just except that having exceptional talent in one field of life or another is a type of intelligence and let bygones be bygones, "you say tomatoes, I say tomatoes." I think that in order for mankind to move forward in a positive fashion we must continue the work of our for-fathers to unite all
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Unformatted text preview: people, to see past everything else and see our fellow homo sapiens as just that another human being regardless for their circumstance, talent, or lack their of. Too much time and effort is wasted on endless arguments about whether person’s or people’s opinions of the definition of natural occurrences are politically correct. Imagine if these great minds put as much dedication into deciding which method would best solve word hungry, or how to bring about world peace, and a united prosperity of human kind....
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