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-1Kate Brown Topics 1. “ Since the end of the Civil War, the United States of America has engaged in a policy of aggressive expansion and dominance of foreign nations without regard to democracy, self-determination, or fair economic competition.” The ‘last form of politics,’ democracy has been America’s shining cornerstone since the American revolution. Characterized by majority rule, Americans feel that a government that is run by the people for the people is the key to social unity and peace. America’s foreign policy reverberates the initial message set forth by our fore fathers with a tainted undertone of globalization of American ideals. Contrary to the statement above, America’s foreign policy has not been without regard to democracy, self determination, or fair economic competition. In fact America has taken steps to try and ensure that other nations have the opportunities and citizen rights as the United States has in order to promote a world harmony. However, steps to improve others way of life and transforming it to be more like America’s is coupled with economic success. Not an entirely benevolent country by any means, the United States capitalizes on gains from helping other countries. We tread a thin line between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Although America has held a foreign policy of aggressive expansion, we labor under the spreading of democracy, self-determination and economic competition. Not a completely selfless nation, America definitely does not monopolize. To monopolize is to dominate selfishly, and have exclusive control where America seemingly puts the needs of others high on it’s priority list. Examples defending this stance are Panama’s rebuilding of democracy, and America’s struggles against tyranny, and America’s foreign aid campaigns. With regard to Democracy: The United States holds it’s political system in the highest regard. America’s foreign aid campaigns to spread democracies have been prevalent in he past 20 years. Unique and similar, America passes legislation that tries to face the challenges set forth by each individual country while promoting the same message of democracy. The United States has a house committee solely dedicated to furthering efforts
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Brown_ final - -1Kate Brown Topics 1. Since the end of the...

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