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Kate Brown Dr. Cuellar Paper Idea Topic to be discussed: Examine the difference between male and female wage rates of those who are working and qualify for the program. Are women likely to stay on the program do to a wage inequality? Are the men on the program similar in characteristics to women on the program with regard to experience, education level, age, employment, hours worked, and race? hours 0 + β 1 log(wage) + β 2 log(non-labor income) + β 3 Is the heterogeneity described in Moffitt’s March 1992, entirely linked to work aptitude, or are the amount of programs participated in directly linked to the duration on public assistance? Upon first reading Moffitt’s ‘Incentive Effect of the U.S. Welfare System’ I felt it would be
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Unformatted text preview: possible to create a preference variable for labor or leisure, this paper will attempt to create that variable, while discussing the some of the topics listed above. Labor Supply- the average weekly hours worked in a month, with 0 defined as nonworking, 1-35 defined as part time, and 35+ defined as full time. Look at who is on welfare-break it down Of those on welfare- who works & who doesn’t do they have kids, education level, age, race, gender Variables used to account for individual characteristics: Education Age # of children Race Gender Generate labor force participation variable...
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