Chapter 16 part 2

Chapter 16 part 2 - Chapter 16: molecular motors Proteins...

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Chapter 16: molecular motors Proteins that associate with the molecular motors are called motor proteins. These proteins bind to a polarized CS filament and use the E derived from repeated cycles of ATP hydrolysis to move steadily along it. Many of them carry membrane enclosed organelles such as mitochondria, golgi stacks, or SVs. Others cause the CS filaments to exert tension or to slide against each other generating the filament through a head region or motor domain that binds and hydrolyzes ATP which produces conformational changes. The 3 groups of CS MPs are myosins, kinesins, and dyneins Actin based motor proteins are members of the myosin superfamily - Myosin generates the force for muscle contraction\ o Called myosin II that is an elongated protein that is formed from 2 heavy chains and 2 copies of 2 light chains o Each heavy chain has a globular head at its N terminus that contains the force generating machinery followed by a seq of AA that forms an extended coiled coil o The2 light chains bind close to the N terminus o Each myosin head binds and hydrolyzes ATP using the E of ATP hydrolysis to walk toward the PLUS end of an actin filament o Results in muscle contraction - Myosin II o Is associated with contractile activity in both muscle and nonmjscle cells o It is required for cytokinesis: t he pinching apart of a dividing cell into 2 daughter cell There are 2 types of MT MPs: kinesins and dyneins - Kinesin o MP that moves along MTs o Similar in structure to myosin, 2 heavy and light chains per motor, 2 globular heads and coiled coil tail responsible for heavy chain dimerization o
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Chapter 16 part 2 - Chapter 16: molecular motors Proteins...

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