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Alan Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation : Study Guide Chapter 32: The Crisis of Authority 1. Two impulses among young Americans that conservatives found alarming in the 1960s were one, to create a great new community of “the people,” which would rise up to break the power of elites and force the nation to end the war, pursue racial and economic justice, and transform its political life, and two, the vision of personal “liberation,” which found expression in part through the efforts of many groups—African Americans, Indians, Hispanics, women, gay people, and others—to define and assert themselves and make demands on the larger society. Liberation also found expression through the efforts of individuals to create a new culture—one that would allow them to escape from what some considered the dehumanizing pressures of the modern “technocracy.” 2. The center of New Left activity was issues related to the modern university because most members of the New Left were students. 3. Besides African-Americans, the other minority groups that organized and demanded redress for their grievances were Indians, Hispanic Americans, gay men and lesbians, and others. 4.
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