10) Containing the Threat

10) Containing the Threat - Containing the Threat Race and...

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Containing the Threat: Race and War Responses to the Challenges of the 1890s Challenges o Labor unions o Populist uprising o Panic of 1893 Southern Elite Responses o Poor people too easily led Business Elite Responses o The problem was overproduction o New markets are needed o Could colonies be the solution Southern Elite Responses Disenfranchisement of African Americans o Mississippi Plan (1890) Poll tax Demonstrate understanding of constitution Live in same place for 2 years o Course of disenfranchisement Jim Crow Established o Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) Also stripped away the votes of poor whites; took away the idea that they were still better because they were white Business Elite Responses-New Markets Depression was caused by overproduction because industrial system was so successful
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Begin to think that America needs an empire because British companies were becoming successful empires Colonial markets give you places to sell things o Access to resources o New markets Building colonies based on two things o Altruism: selfless concern for others; coercive o White Man’s Burden: bringing the heathens up to civilization
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10) Containing the Threat - Containing the Threat Race and...

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