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COURSE: MSCI 3710 Print Name: Final Exam Signature: Version B S.S.#: Spring 2003Seat Number: Note: Whenever question(s) are connected you may be asked to assume a result (given a value) from the previous question but this result may or may not be correct. This is to prevent you from losing points on a second question because you made a mistake on a previous question. Instructions: n Please print your name, social security number, and seat number on this exam. Also, put your signature on this exam. l On your scantron PRINT your name, your version, and your seat number. To better protect your privacy also print your name on the back side of your scantron. l You have 105 minutes to complete this exam. The exam is open book, open notes, and open mind. You may use any type of calculator but please show all your work on the exam and mark all answers on the scantron. l Many of the questions follow the format of those in Adventures in Business Statistics. The remaining questions are either based on the Excel assignment or use an Adventures-like approach with problems nearly identical to those assigned in the textbook. l When you have completed the exam, please insert your scantron into the exam booklet and turn them into your instructor. l No cheating. l Good luck and we wish you well on the exam. 1
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I. Use the information given in the following paragraph to answer the next three questions. (Kvanli Chapter 9) A recent commercial claims that the international phone call rates offered by IDT are lower than those of MCI. A consumer decided to test this claim by collecting and analyzing data from IDT’s and MCI’s Web sites ( www.idt.net , www.mci.com ). The rates offered by each company, in cents per minute, for international calls from the U.S. to 14 selected countries and their statistical analysis are listed below. Is it true that IDT rates are lower? Country MCI IDT Argentina 19.0 20.0 Brazil 19.0 20.0 Canada 5.0 5.0 China 17.0 16.0 France 12.0 7.0 Germany 12.0 7.0 Greece 12.0 17.3 India 33.0 59.0 Israel 15.0 11.0 Italy 12.0 7.0 Japan 14.0 9.0 Mexico-1 10.0 19.0 Russia 23.0 19.0 U.K. 10.0 7.0 t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means, alpha = 0.05 MCI IDT Mean 15.21429 15.95 Variance 46.95055 186.12731 Observations 14 14 Pearson Correlation 0.867511 Hypothesized Mean Difference 0 df ---- t Stat -0.32696 P(T<=t) one-tail 0.374452 t Critical one-tail 1.770932 P(T<=t) two-tail 0.748903 t Critical two-tail 2.160368 1. What are the decision and conclusion using a dependent samples t-test if the test is conducted at the 5% significance level? A. There is insufficient information to decide whether IDT rates are lower. B. Fail to reject the null hypothesis, conclude IDT rates are lower. C. Reject the null hypothesis, conclude IDT rates are not lower.
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Spring2003FinalB - COURSE: MSCI 3710 Print Name: Final Exam...

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