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COURSE: MSCI 3710.001 Print Name: EXAM 3 Signature: Version A S.S.#: SEMESTER: Spring 1998 Seat Number: Note: Whenever questions are connected you may be asked to assume a result (given a value) from the previous question but this result may or may not be correct. This is to prevent you from losing points on a second question because you made a mistake on a previous question. Use the information in the paragraph below to answer questions 1 - 4 . A quality manager believes there is a relationship between the type of nonconformity in an electronic wafer chip and the type of production machine. The manager obtained a random
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sample of wafer chips that did not meet standards from past records. The table below gives frequencies of the type of nonconformity from two types of machines. TYPE OF NONCONFORMITY Surface Flaw Internal Cracks Impurities in material MACHINE Total Type A 50 58 52 160 Type B 30 26 32 88 Total 80 84 84 248 1. To test the engineer’s belief, what null hypothesis would you use? A. Ho: Each of the three types of nonconformities is the same. B. Ho: The type of machine is independent of the type of nonconformity. C. Ho: The two types of machines produce a different number of nonconformities. D. Ho: The number of nonconformities is dependent upon the machine type. E. Ho: The machine types are not homogeneous with respect to the three nonconformities. 2. What is the expected number of chips with internal cracks produced by machine B? A. 84.00 B. 29.81 C. 26.00 D. 54.19 E. 28.39 3. If the calculated value of the test statistic for the test in question #1 is 0.932 and α = 0.10, the conclusion is: A. There is insufficient evidence that the three nonconformities are homogeneous with respect to machine type. B.
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sp98ex3a - COURSE: MSCI 3710.001 EXAM 3 Version A SEMESTER:...

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