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COURSE: MSCI 3710.003 Print Name: EXAM 3 Signature: Version B S.S.#: SEMESTER: Spring 1998 Seat Number: Note: Whenever question(s) are connected you may be asked to assume a result (given a value) from the previous question but this result may or may not be correct. This is to prevent you from losing points on a second question because you made a mistake on a previous question. Use the information in the paragraph below to answer questions 1 - 4 . A real estate agent sensed that the education level of a buyer was associated with the style of house that was purchased. To investigate this notion, the agent prepared the following table
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from a random sample of recently purchased homes. The table below presents frequencies for two styles of homes which were purchased by buyers having three levels of education. LEVEL OF EDUCATION No College Bachelor’s Master’s Degree Degree Degree STYLE OF HOME Total Ranch 41 28 23 92 Two-story 29 36 46 111 Total 70 64 69 204 1. To test the agent’s notion, what null hypothesis would you use? A. Ho: Each education level buys the same style of home. B. Ho: The type of home purchased is dependent upon the buyer’s education level. C. Ho: Each home style is purchased with equal frequency. D. Ho: The style of home is independent of the buyer’s education level. E. Ho: The home styles are not homogeneous with respect the buyers’ education level. 2. What is the expected value for two-story home buyers with no college degree? A. 29.00 B. 38.28 C. 31.72 D. 37.73 E. 35.00 3. If the calculated value of the test statistic to test the hypothesis in question #1 is 7.368 and α = 0.05, the conclusion is A. There is sufficient evidence that education levels are homogeneous with respect to the type of home purchased. B.
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sp98ex3b - COURSE: MSCI 3710.003 EXAM 3 Version B SEMESTER:...

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