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COURSE: MSCI 3710.004 Print Name: EXAM 3 Signature: Sample Version S.S.#: SEMESTER: Spring 1998 Seat Number: Note: Whenever question(s) are connected you may be asked to assume a result (given a value) from the previous question but this result may or may not be correct. This is to prevent you from losing points on a second question because you made a mistake on a previous question. For this sample version, the correct answers are given on a separate sheet at the end. Use the following information in the paragraph below to answer the next four questions . A production supervisor told the quality manager that certain parts are more likely to be rejected by one inspector than by the other inspector. To investigate this report, the quality manager
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produced the following table from a random sample of all parts rejected. This table gives frequencies for three types of parts rejected by the two inspectors. NUMBER OF PARTS REJECTED Part #1 Part #2 Part #3 Inspector Total A 12 26 21 59 B 15 21 27 63 Total 27 47 48 122 1. To test the supervisor’s concern, what null hypothesis would you use? A. Ho: Each part is rejected with equal frequency. B. Ho: The inspector rejecting the part is independent of the type of part. C. Ho: Each inspector rejects the same number of parts. D. Ho: The type of part rejected is dependent upon the inspector. E. Ho: The inspectors are not homogeneous with respect to the type of part rejected. 2. What is the expected value of the number of part #3s rejected by inspector B? A. 27.00 B. 13.94 C. 22.73 D. 23.21 E. 24.79 3. If the calculated value of the test statistic is 8.563 and α = 0.10, the conclusion is A. There is sufficient evidence that the type of part rejected and inspectors are dependent. B.
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sp98ex3d - COURSE MSCI 3710.004 EXAM 3 Sample Version...

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