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Solutions to Exam #1, Version A Q No. on Ver A Solutions Version A 1 The problem states to find if cars performance is better than manufacturers rating , so Ha : M > 30 D 2 Since it’s a Right tailed test ( Ha : M > 30) so we reject if T *> Tcrit so T* > 2.67 (value given in the test-output) A 3 Since T* (2.04) < Tcrit(2.62), we FTR Ho; there is insufficient evidence for alternate hypothesis to be true. B 4 Xbar + T(alpha)(S/sqrt(n) = 31.853 + 2.62(3.5/3.87)=34.5 D 5 We chose T test because sample size is small and also population std. deviation is not known B 6 The salesman wants to test weather car’s per tank miles are over 400; Ha: M> 400 and Ho: M<=400 B 7 T cal= (Xbar- M)/(s/sqrt(n)) =4.01 D 8 Z value of 1.84 corresponds to area of 0.4671, so p-value is 0.5- 0.4671 = 0.0329 B 9 Since P-value (0.187) > 0.1 we FTR and conclude that there is insufficient evidence to support that the per tank miles is over 400. D
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