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Chapter 1 Quiz 1. Putting Social Life into Perspective a. Sociology i. Systematic study of human society and social interaction. b. Commonsense Knowledge i. Guides everyday conduct ii. Many commonsense notions are actually myths c. Myth i. Popular but false notion that may be used, either intentionally or unintentionally, to perpetuate certain beliefs or “theories” even in the light of conclusive evidence to the contrary. 1. Studying at a desk vs. Studying in bed 2. The Sociological Imagination a. Sociological Imagination i. Link between personal experience and the larger society ii. “Embeddedness” b. Personal Troubles and Public Issues i. Personal Troubles 1. Private problems that affect individuals and the networks of people with whom they associate regularly. ii. Public Issues 1. Affect large numbers of people and often require solutions at the societal level. iii. Credit crisis may have shifted from personal troubles to public issues 1. Micro/macro scaling issue 3. Development of Sociological Thinking a. Early Thinkers i. Auguste Comte 1. Coined term sociology from socius (social being with others) and logos (study of) 2. Positivism
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a. Belief that the world can best be understood through scientific inquiry
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thefiles_522251_39333_1263594820 - Chapter 1 Quiz 1....

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