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Chapter 3 Quiz 1. Why is Socialization Important? a. Socialization i. Lifelong process of social interaction through which individuals acquire a self-identity and the physical, mental, and social skills needed for survival in society. b. Human Development i. Sociobiology 1. Systematic study of how biology affects social behavior. c. Problems with Social Isolation and Maltreatment i. Isolation and Nonhuman Primates 1. Harry and Margaret Harlow a. Monkey experiment ii. Isolated Children 1. Children neglected never learn to socialize iii. Child Maltreatment 1. Neglecting the children 2. Sociological Theories of Human Development a. Self-Concept i. Totality of our beliefs and feelings about ourselves b. Charles H. Cooley i. Looking-glass Self 1. Term for the way in which a person’s sense of self is derived from the perceptions of others. a. We imagine how our personality and appearance will look to other people b. We imagine how other people judge the appearance and personality that we think we present c. We develop a self-concept c. George H. Mead i. Role-taking 1. Process by which a person mentally assumes the role of another person in order to understand the world from that person’s point of view ii. Significant others 1. Those personas whose care, affection, and approval are especially desired and who are most important in the development of the self. iii.
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thefiles_522251_39335_1263594855 - Chapter 3 Quiz 1. Why is...

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