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Chapter 5 Quiz 1. Social Groups a. Groups, Aggregates, and Categories i. Social Group 1. Collection of two or more people who interact frequently with one another, share a sense of belonging, and have a feeling of interdependence ii. Aggregate 1. Collection of people who happen to be in the same place at the same time but share little else in common a. Shoppers in a department store or passengers on an airplane iii. Category 1. Number of people who may never have met one another but share a similar characteristic a. Education level, age, race, or gender iv. Occasionally, people in aggregate and categories form social groups 1. People in category of “graduate students” may become an aggregate when they get together for an orientation to graduate school b. Types of Groups i. Cooley’s Primary and Secondary Groups 1. Charles H. Cooley a. Primary group
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i. Small, less specialized group in which members engage in face-to-face, emotion-based interactions over an extended period of time. ii. Significant Others 1. Frequently serve as role models b. Secondary group i. Larger, more specialized group in which the members engage in more impersonal, goal-orientated relationships for a limited period of time ii. Sumner’s Ingroups and Outgroups 1. William Graham Sumner a. Ingroup i. Group to which a person belongs and with which the person feels a sense of identity ii. View themselves as positive b. Outgroup i. Group to which a person does not belong and toward with the person may feel a sense of competitiveness or hostility ii. View them as negative iii. Reference Groups
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thefiles_522251_39337_1263594887 - Chapter 5 Quiz 1. Social...

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