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Family and Intimate Relations 1. Families in Global Perspective a. Families i. Group of people, related by bonds of blood, marriage, or adoption, and who can live together, form an economic unit, and bear and raise children 1. Challenged because it doesn’t reflect single parent households, unmarried couples, homos, multiple-generation families ii. Relationships in which people live together with commitment, form an economic unite and cure for any young (or old) and consider their identity to be significantly attached to a group b. Family Structure and Characteristics i. Kinship 1. Refers to a social network of people based on common ancestry, marriage, or adoption ii. Family of Orientation 1. Family into which a person is born and in which early socialization usually takes place iii. Family of Procreation 1. Family that a person forms by having or adopting children iv. Extended Family 1. Family unit composed of relatives in addition to parents and children who live in the same household v. Nuclear Family 1. Family composed of one or two parents and their dependent children, all of whom live apart from other relatives c. Marriage Patterns i. Marriage 1. Legally recognized and/or socially approved arrangement between two or more individuals that carries certain rights and obligations and usually involves sexual activity ii. Monogamy
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1. Marriage between two partners, usually a woman and man iii. Polygamy 1. Concurrent marriage of a person of one sex with two or more members of the
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thefiles_522251_39341_1263594964 - Family and Intimate...

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