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Education and Religion A. An Overview of Education and Religion a. Both institutions of Education and Religion provide: i. Impart values, beliefs, and knowledge considered essential to the social reproduction of individual personalities ii. Stability and Order through informal social control iii. Instill knowledge – either technical or ritualistic b. Sociology of education i. Primarily examines formal education or schooling in industrial societies c. Sociology of religion i. Focuses on religious groups and organizations, on the behavior of individuals within those groups B. Sociological Perspectives on Education a. Education i. Social institution responsible for the systematic transmission of knowledge, skills, and cultural values within a formally organized structure b. Functionalist Perspective i. View education as one of the most important components of society ii. Foundation of a cohesive social order and commitment to common morality iii. Manifest functions – open, stated, and intended goals 1. Socialization
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a. From kindergarten through college, schools teach students the student role, specific academic subjects, and political socialization 2. Transmission of culture a. Schools transmit cultural norms and values to each new generation and play and active party in the process of assimilation 3. Social control a. Schools are responsible for teaching values such as discipline, respect, obedience, punctuality, and perseverance 4. Social placement a. Schools are responsible for identifying the most qualified people to fill available positions in society iv. Latent functions – hidden, unstated, and unintended consequences 1. Restricting some activities a. Passes laws to keep students in school and off the streets and
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thefiles_522251_39342_1263594982 - E ducation and Religion...

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