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Research Thursday - Amanda

Research Thursday - Amanda - Research Thursday Amanda 2011...

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Research Thursday: Amanda Hodges February 24, 2011 Taught High School English Fan fiction What are they getting out of it there and what are we doing in school to take that out of them? Wanted to do a lot of talking to a few people. What are their motivations/communities..? Met with each participant 5 times for .5 hour each time, email correspondences, let her into fan fiction websites, samples of own ff writing and favorite ff pieces that others had written. Important to keep her pool small – 2 guys, 2 gals Looking at trends and patterns of thought. What are some ideas we can take and how can we adapt it? Fouceau: “care of the self” theory – idea was the tutors were doing a bad job of teaching the kids who were supposed to be leading. 1. What are somebody’s motivations? 2. Modes of subjection (all of the things that influence you: family, friends, ethics, religion, law, social conscience) 3. What are your practices? What are the technologies of the self that you employ?
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