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Event Management

Event Management - Event Management Event Management...

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Unformatted text preview: Event Management Event Management “finding our feet” Brief History Brief History Prehistoric Events History History History History Social Glue Social Glue + = Products of Special Events Products of Special Events 1. Enjoyable Experience 2. $$$ Even events that educate or cultivate must eventually produce both of the primary products Benefits and Objectives Benefits and Objectives Raise Resources Stimulate increased giving from current donors Find new donors Thank and recognize loyal donors and volunteers Attract publicity Selection of an Event Selection of an Event Best determined by the type of benefit sought by the effort 4 Event types 4 Event types 1. Receptions Tastings Basic receptions Openings and performance Event types Event types 2. Meals Breakfasts, luncheons, and dinners Dinner Dances Testimonials and Tributes Event types Event types 3. Participatory Events Athletics Auctions and Gaming Sing­along's and Audience Participation Event types Event types 4. Community Mega events Festivals Parades Broadcasts Event Outcomes Event Outcomes Attendees Events must be fun or meaningful for participants Staff Planning, Organizing, and Executing events must balance hard work and fun for staff and for volunteers. Event Leadership Event Leadership Event Leadership is a profession that requires public assembly for the purpose of celebration, education, marketing, and reunion. Leadership Subfields Leadership Subfields Civic Events Expos/Exhibitions Hallmark (mega­ Retail Events Sports Social Life­Cycle Tourism Fairs and Festivals event) Hospitality Meetings and Conferences Stakeholders Stakeholders people or organizations who have invested in an event. Internal External Investment may be money, but could also be emotional, political, or personal interest. Changes Changes Demographic Psycographic Pillars of Event Leadership Pillars of Event Leadership Time Management Finance Technology Human Resources ...
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