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Russia ppt

Russia ppt - C ultural I m e m rsion Wearethe I nte...

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Unformatted text preview: C ultural I m e m rsion: Wearethe I nte rnationals A f irst hand look at our first e rie in Russian S m r C ps xpe nce um e am Goals Goals To increase cultural understanding To provide practical youth development experience To stimulate thoughtful reflection C p in Russia am 68%of C n 68% hildre in Russia go to cam p cam 12%in theUS …wecan le a lot arn 12% fromthe f rom m Gove e and Tradeunions are rnm Gove nt still involve d still • Laws, se curity, sanitation S ocial we lfarem inistry supports orphans orphans Rich Tradition of C p am Tim line e Tim Dates: June 7­July 11 Intern: Mid­May­Aug 3 New York for 2 day orientation Moscow for 2 day orientation and cultural excursions At camp for 3 ½ or 7 wks Return to Moscow for 2 day debriefing and sight­seeing • Russian camp life • preparation & expectation 95%of childre involve in n d 95% govt funde program d s govt trong coope ration •S S upporte by fe ral and d de local funds local xpe nce • Valuee rie Acce ssibleto all d • Tuition approve by assoc ocial funds=90% •S nts • Pare pay=10% Wetrave to theMari El l Re public on an ove rnight train t rain Lifein Mari El…a proud he ritage Life Russian C p Life Russian am Prom re ation ote cre Pe r skills e S nseof com unity e m Fun Children Mature and well behaved Welcoming hospitality Curious and gentle Always ready to have fun Physical/Em otional S ty afe Physical/Em • Safety • Cleanliness Security patrols; Check­in at gate Hand washing Plentiful food • Structure and Rules • Group Camaraderie Each camp is different Sense of collective Program ing m Program C rafts Physical activity C hoice The3 LittlePigs C ativity abounds re Re ction pe fle riod Psychology games Te building am S riousne of S Purpose e ss taff C ative re Ope to ide n as Mature Moretim “winging it” e Collective Staff Training Collective Jan­March 200 people in course 3 days team­building at camp • Must continually prove themselves • Not guaranteed a spot for next session/season • Very honorable • • • Useof the outdoors outdoors Food, S lte he r & He C alth are We were treated as guests, not just employees: Banya, Grill­out, Circus, home stays, excursions Homestays or visits Homestays Advice Advice You will be challenged, culture shock is real You can always ask someone for help Get involved right away­ Jump in if you are not clear about your responsibilities Be flexible Be open to new ideas You will be able to contact family • Email several times • Call from camp twice • Purchase a phone card Be sure you have mastered the money system • We’ll practice Ultimately it depends on you • Get to know director if you can • Speak and smile Academic Assessments Academic Before leaving…goal is preparation • Open book, talk to relatives, explore Russia • Language: Russian CDs and Alphabet • Readings to prepare you On the Trip • Participate in orientations • Keep a journal • Majority of your grade service­learning at camp (Gwynn and Camp Director) your own notes prompted questions once a week Reflective exam or other creative work TheTim of Our Live s The e C ction de onne spitelanguage barrie r barrie • • • Ge rous nature ne S nseof fam e ily Be ea se cam cond hom e I nfe ctious e rgy and ze for ne st life life C ontribute to Global d unde rstanding unde C p was e rie d in a am xpe nce Unive se rsal nse Unive You can Make this Happen You Start saving your money…small $ adds up Ask family to contribute instead of giving you holiday and birthday gifts this year Think of someone in your life who would want you to have this experience Partial scholarship opportunities available Your costs: • Tuition • develop a plan to talk about a loan • …they might just give you the money • Program fee: $3150 (not exact for 2011) can be covered by HOPE….3­9 credit hours international travel, room/board • Domestic travel to NY C ultural I m e m rsion: Wewere theI nte t he rnationals A f irst hand look at our first e rie in Russian S m r C ps xpe nce um e am ...
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