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BUS675 Midterm Study Guide-1

BUS675 Midterm Study Guide-1 - MANAGEMENT INFORMATION...

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MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (BUS675) EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 1 1. In its simplest form, a system consists of _______________. 2. The fundamental reasons for business applications of information technology are _______________. 3. The expanding role of information systems from the 1950s to the present, in sequential order, are _______________. 4. The rapid development of microcomputer processing power, application software packages, and telecommunications networks gave birth to the phenomenon of _______________. 5. In an e-business enterprise, an intranet refers to _______________. 6. Electronic commerce systems generally include _______________. 7. When employees in a project team use email to send and receive messages and use video conferences to hold electronic meetings and coordinate their activities, they are using _______________ systems. 8. An information system that supports the business functions of accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing, or operations would be classified as a(n) _______________ system. 9. Business applications of information systems are typically combinations of several types of information systems. This integration is referred to as _______________ systems. 10. In the information systems concept, the processing function involves _______________. 11. An information system depends on what resources? 12. Some examples of a hardware resource would be _______________. 13. Some examples of a software resource in an information system would be _______________. 14. In an information system context, what would be the an applicable description of application software? 15. Telecommunications networks consist of _______________. 16. A(n) _______________ system is an organized combination of people, hardware, software, telecommunications networks, and data resources that collects, transforms, and disseminates information in an organization. 17. _______________ is defined as the use of Internet technologies to work and empower business processes, electronic commerce, and enterprise collaboration within a company and with its customers, suppliers, and other business stakeholders. 18. Electronic _______________ is the buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products, services, and information over a variety of computer networks. 19. A manufacturing system accepts raw materials as input and produces finished goods as output. An information system accepts data as input and processes them into _______________ as output. 20. People, hardware, software, __________, and networks are the five basic resources of information systems.
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MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (BUS675) EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE 21. Information processing consists of the system activities of input, processing, output, _______________, and control. 22. In the context of the information system model, software resources include the sets of operating instructions
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BUS675 Midterm Study Guide-1 - MANAGEMENT INFORMATION...

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