hum176 week 7 assignment

hum176 week 7 assignment - K r istie Gipson February 13,...

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Kristie Gipson February 13, 2011 Hum/176 Week 7 Assignment – Rating the News Sites Choose biggest breaking story of the moment. Compare and contrast coverage. Compare and contrast information in the stories as well as how they are presented. Ask the following questions: What links are included? How does the commentary associated with the stories and source differ? Write three paragraphs comparing and contrasting the sites. Each paragraph must be at least 250-words. Immediately upon going to, they talked about breaking news of Egypt’s. On all three sites, I found links to other information about how President in Egypt was preparing to step down. There are also links to click to view videos of how bad the situation really is. tells you things such as how the military rulers dissolve parliament and put constitution on hold in moves cautiously welcomed by protestors. I found it interesting how shows photos and videos about how the Egyptian military dissolves parliament. The site also gives sponsor links to find other information about the breaking news. Currently, says, Military rulers take sweeping action to dismantle Mubarak's autocratic legacy as they dissolve parliament, suspend constitution and promise elections in moves cautiously welcomed by protesters. You can also recommend the story to people on Face book with a link. People on Face book might be inclined to view the link, since you viewed it and
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hum176 week 7 assignment - K r istie Gipson February 13,...

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