Chapter 33 Study Guide

Chapter 33 Study Guide - Alan Brinkley, The Unfinished...

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Alan Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation : Study Guide Chapter 33: From “The Age of Limits” to The Age of Reagan 1. Three blows to the confident, optimistic nationalism that had characterized much of the postwar era were the defeat in Vietnam, the Watergate crisis, and the decay of American economy. 2. Jimmy Carter’s greatest diplomatic success was arranging a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. 3. The two major diplomatic setbacks for the Carter Administration in late 1979 were the Iranian hostage crisis (by late 1979, power in Iran resided with a zealous religious leader, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who was fiercely anti-western and anti-American. In late October 1979, the deposed Shah arrived in New York to be treated for cancer. Days later, on November 4, an armed mob invaded the American embassy in Teheran, seized the diplomats and military personnel inside, and demanded the return of the Shah to Iran in exchange for their freedom. Fifty-three Americans remained hostages in the embassy for over a year) and the invasion of Afghanistan (only weeks after the hostage seizure, on 12/27/79, Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan. The Soviet Union had in fact been in power in Afghanistan for years, and the dominant force since April 1978. But while some observers claimed that the Soviet Union invasion was a Russian attempt to secure the status quo, Carter claimed it was a Russian “stepping stone to their possible control over much of the world’s oil supplies” and the “gravest threat to world power since World War II.” Carter angrily imposed a
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Chapter 33 Study Guide - Alan Brinkley, The Unfinished...

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