physics_6c_sp09_exam_1_solutions - l. (40 points) Three...

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Unformatted text preview: l. (40 points) Three point charges are fixed to corners of a square as shown below. +35.0 MC 450 MC 1.00m +30.0 uC 1.00 In Find the electrostatic field (magnitude and direction) at the location of the +30.0 uC charge caused by the other two charges and the electrostatic force (magnitude and direction) on the +3 0.0 uC charge. 2- (30 points) An electrically neutral dipole is placed in an external field. For each situation (a) through (d) state if the force is zero or not, and if the torque is zero or not. If the force is non—zero, state its direction (up, down, left, right). If the torques is non- zero state its direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise). : i""i“‘“{€«wax E: 3. (30 points) A proton (mass 1.67 x 10'27 kg) enters the region between two charged ‘ plates as shoWn below with an initial horizontal velocity of 2.00 x 104 m/s. a) What direction is the proton deflected? b) You wish to deflect the proton through an angle of 450°. What vertical velocity must be imparted to the proton? c) If L is 2.00 cm, what is the required electric field E? I E, ;, WWW ‘ _ (,évua'l7 (lfifidrm‘f’) L w ” i 9607!?) '0’) Ewan; rm”?— ...
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physics_6c_sp09_exam_1_solutions - l. (40 points) Three...

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