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Field Work Seminar SWL 147 [email protected] WEEK LECTURE TOPIC ASSIGNMENTS & DUE DATES READINGS 1. Jan. 10 Film: “Social Work – An Extraordinary Profession Film 2. Jan. 17 Overview of the field of social work Facts about Field Placement Work on presentations 1. The Domain of the Social Work Profession Social Service Field Placement Student manual 3. Jan. 24 Report writing review Supervision Evaluation 5. The Basic Skills for Agency Practice) 7. Techniques for Sustaining Social Work Practice 4, Jan. 31 Differences between Social workers and Social service workers Understanding roles and function of Social Service workers and social workers Film: A Damn Good Job 2. The Roles and Functions Performed by Social Workers 6. Intervention and Monitoring 5. Feb. 7 Core Values of Social Work Biestek. The Casework Relationship, School of Social Work, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, 1957 3. Guiding Principles for Social Workers 4. Basic Communication and Helping Skills 6.Feb. 14 Core Values of Social Work Film “ Ethics in Action 7.Feb. 21 No class 8. Feb. 28 Resolving ethical dilemmas Code of ethics Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice 4. Basic Communication and Helping Skills 9. March 7 Résumé writing for placement opportunity Review of oral agency presentations Values Paper Due Worth 30% 10.Mar 14 Group presentations 20% 11.Mar 21 12.Mar 28 Agency profiles & personal assessments 30% Please note that there will be four other pop quizzes 13.Apr 4 Burn-out 14.Apr 11 Wrap-up Quiz
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Assignment 1 Values Paper (30%) Elizabeth Jones is a licensed social worker employed as a clinical social worker in a family counselling agency. Yesterday, social worker Jones was visiting her brother and sister-in-law, Frank and Edna Clark, and their two young children. The Clark family owns a four-plex apartment building. They live in one apartment and rent the other three. During the visit, Elizabeth came to realize that her brother and sister-in-law now rent an apartment to her new clients, Henry and Janet Albion. Of course, Elizabeth did not reveal that she knew the Albions. Elizabeth just recently began working with Henry and Janet Albion. The Albion's have been married for four years. Janet, in particular, is concerned about their marriage. Living with Henry and Janet are Janet's three children from a previous marriage. They are ages 5, 7, and 9. When speaking alone with Elizabeth, Janet Albion revealed that she had recently learned that her husband, Henry, was arrested about eight years ago for sexually molesting several children. The charges were dropped for lack of evidence. Janet is getting some "strange vibrations" when she watches her husband interact with her children. She is not sure he is sexually interested in the children, but she fears he might be. Janet asked him about the arrest & if he had done anything wrong. Henry strongly denied any sexual involvement w/ children. Now Elizabeth is beginning to wonder and worry if her brother's children are safe. Should she tell her brother
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#1 - Field Work Seminar SWL 147...

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