#2 - Lecture 2 Jan. 17 th Agenda 1. Review of video 2....

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 2 Jan. 17 th Agenda 1. Review of video 2. Social Work Purpose 3. Prevention Exercise 4. Eco Map Exercise 5. Facts about field placement 6. Work in oral presentation groups Objectives To understand the reasons for doing a practicum To explore areas of the Social Service field that may be of interest for the purposes of fieldwork. To investigate methods of finding a placement To gain further knowledge of Senecas expectations for Field Placement students and supervisors (information from manual) Read chapter 1 and answer the following questions. Information that you gather is meant to guide you through the class lecture. Define and give examples Social functioning Maslow Social Care and treatment Improved Social Conditions Environmental Eco map Prevention 1. Primary prevention 2. Secondary prevention 3. Tertiary prevention Whole person Maslows Hierarchy of needs Self-Actualization Need People trying to be all that they can be, they are ready to function independently in quest of their own potential. Esteem need The need to feel respected, accepted, worthwhile and valued by others Belongingness Need Family provides this for children as they get older, they search for this outside of the family Safety needs Security and protection survival needs Basic needs Physiological air, water, food Basic needs, Safety and Belongingness and esteem needs are deficiency motive (perceived as a void to be filled by drawing on the resources of others. Self-Actualization is considered a growth need. (Beebe, T. Masterson, J. Communicating in small group, 2006) These questions are not from your text. They will be discussed in class. Facts about Field Placement Reason for Field Placement ___________________________________________________________________ ___ ________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ Finding your own placement (suggestions) _________________________________________________ ___________ _________________ ___________________________________________________________ ______________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________...
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#2 - Lecture 2 Jan. 17 th Agenda 1. Review of video 2....

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