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Homework #5 (Due Thursday Oct 2) * Remember to upload all m-files to blackboard in addition to handing in hard copies of your m-files and tested results in the Matlab interactive mode. Be sure to have your name written electronically on all m-files. 1. Redo Problem 3-28 (which was done in class). Write the main program now as a script.m file and create at least 3 function ‘.m’ files which are called from the
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Unformatted text preview: script or within other functions. Use your own unique variable names. Use plenty of comments and documentation (use page 153 and 158 figures as a guide). Also, put the pause and keyboard commands to test how they work. (50 points) 2. Problem 4-5. Again be sure to use meaningful variable names and adequate documentation. (50 points)...
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