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Assignment2 - For a fixed density generate graphs of...

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Assignment 2 : Spanning Tree Algorithms Note : This assignment is to be done individually. Group working is not allowed. Use the FibHeap Library built in first assignment to perform the work. Aim : To verify the known bounds of various spanning tree algorithms subject to changes in Input Graph Density Input Graph Size Data Structures Used The focus of this exercise is to determine experimental evidence of the performance of various spanning tree algorithms on graphs with varying sizes and densities, and with different data structures. The results need to be plotted according to the time taken for graphs of different sizes and fixed densities. Also, in each case you need to determine the size at which performance of different algorithms becomes “competitive”. Thus, you need to generate random graphs of varying densities and sizes.
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Unformatted text preview: For a fixed density, generate graphs of different sizes and run Prim's algorithm and the log *n phases algorithm using a binary and Fibonacci heaps on the test graphs generated. Work out the same process for different densities. Plot the results obtained for varying densities and varying sizes(for each density) i.e  Input Graphs of different sizes, fixed density. (for atleast 5 different densities) The assignment includes usage of Fibonacci Heap Library developed in assignment 1 of the course. The marking will thus be based on the complete system submitted on the deadline mentioned below. Submissions : A) Nov 4 : Design Document including descriptions for graph generating techniques employed B) Nov 15 : Final Code Submission. C) Nov 16-18 : Demos Happy Programming!...
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