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ENGL 390 – Science Writing Dr. Mark Arnold Project Prospectus -review session : Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011 -due date : Tuesday, March 1, 2011 -length : 3-4 pages of double spaced, TNR, 11 pt.; 1" top/bottom margins and 1-1/4" side margins Context, Audience, Purpose For this assignment, imagine that you have applied for an undergraduate research internship and have made it past the first stage, i.e. based on your initial proposal, letters of reference, and transcript, you have been asked to submit a prospectus for the research you would do and the culminating project you would produce if you are selected for the internship. The idea behind the internship is that you could use the research and culminating project as part of a portfolio you could present during a job search or when applying to grad school. Assume the members of the selection committee are all college educated, some with advanced degrees, and all have experience doing research in the sciences, either in academia or private sector. Not all
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