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BIS2C W2011 Lecture 2 (5 January 2011) 1 Fun with trees Today’s lecture (5 January) Tree terminology and concepts (cont’d) Phylogeny and classification Tree terminology and concepts Bifurcating trees , polytomies , and uncertainty . Monophyletic group (=clade) : a group of organisms consisting of their most recent common ancestor (MRCA) and all its descendants Non-monophyletic groups: paraphyletic and polyphyletic groups. Monophyletic groups (clades) and synapomorphies
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Unformatted text preview: . Convergence , reversal and homology . Phylogeny and classification Phylogeny = the evolutionary relationships among taxa Classification = the naming of taxa and their placement in a hierarchical arrangement Species: compound ( binomial ) names Higher taxa: single (uninominal) names. Ranked classifications. Sister groups , ingroups and outgroups. Derived traits and ancestral traits . Distinguishing between cladograms , phylograms and chronograms ....
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