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BIS2C W2011 Lecture 6 (12 January 2011) Microbes and the Tree of Life • Review of “Uses of phylogenies” from Monday • Tree thinking and classification through history Darwin 1859 Haekel 1866 Whittaker 1969 Woese 1987 Tree of Life web project • The Tree of Life and Microbes How much of the tree of life is microbial? • What is a microbe? Define “microbe” What types of organisms are microbes? • The tree of life and the “microbe problem” What traits to use? Some traits not clear if homologous Morphology for example Many taxa are unculturable Other traits of limited utility Nucleus presence / absence Does not resolve relationships within groups Universal homologies Do not meet requirements for phylogenetically informative traits • Universal homologies Molecular and cellular features Use of DNA as a genetic material Use of ACTG in DNA Use of ACUG in RNA Three letter genetic code Central dogma (DNA -> RNA -> protein)
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06_Rizzo_Microbes_and_Tree_of_Life_Outline - BIS2C W2011...

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