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10_11_Rizzo_Microbial_Symbiosis_Outline - Disease Types of...

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BIS2C W2011 21 January 2011 Finish extremophiles Lecture 10 & 11 – Symbiosis Definition of symbiosis Viruses What are they? How do viruses fit in the tree of life? o Hypotheses on the origin of viruses Structure and life cycle of viruses o Structure o Genome o General life cycle Animal viruses Plant viruses Prokaryote viruses Basic Biology and ecology o Host range o Are all viruses bad?
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Unformatted text preview: Disease Types of disease Sources of human diseases o Host jumps o Zoonotic diseases Case study: Anthrax o Use of molecular tools to study source of disease The Human microbiome human microbial communities phylogenetics of human microbes functional contributions of gut microbes changes in human ecology and affects on human microbiota...
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