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1) What are plants? We will spend the next 2 weeks exploring one of the major branches on the tree-of-life, plants. A good place to start is with a definition of plants. There are several that we could use, but I will use the same as the book. When I say “plants” I am referring to the Land Plants or embryophytes (more about that in a minute). a) Land plants are: i) Eukaryotes ii) Photosynthetic , they contain chloroplasts iii) Multicellular iv) Organisms that retain a fertilized egg and developing embryo in a protected structure on the parent plant. This is where the term embryophyte comes from. Retention of an embryo is a key synapomorphy defining the land plant grouping. v) Monophyletic b) A broader definition, green plants, includes the green algae 2) What is the importance of plants? 3) Where did plants come from ? a) Shared features (1) Chloroplasrts ii) Chlorophyll a and b iii) Embryos (1) But we already said that this was a synapomorphy iv) Cellulose in cell wall v) Starch as storage molecule for photosynthesis Chloroplast Starch as storage in plastid Chlorophyll b encasement of egg embryos Land Plants Y Y Y Y Y Charales (Green Algae) Y Y Y Y N Other Green Algae Y Y Y N N Red Algae Y N N N N
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vi) So plants share the most traits with a group of green algae known as the
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14_Maloof_Intro_Plants_Outline - 1 What are plants We will...

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