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Lecture 16: Vascular Plants I 1) Limitations of the non-vascular plants a) All of these plants are small. Very small. Why? i) No water transport. Everything has to be carried by diffusion. Diffusion is slow. ii) No roots. Can ʼ t anchor large structure or extract much water. iii) Swimming sperm . What effect might this have on plant height? 2) Introduction to vascular plants a) Key innovations /synapomorphies and benefits (overview) i) Vascular tissue: support and transport ii) Sporophyte dominance, gametophyte reduction iii) sporophyte branching (1) Benefit: increased spore production (2) Benefit: competition/light and resource acquisition b) These are the innovations that separate the vascular plants from the more ancestral clades. Let look at each of them in more detail 3) Sporophyte Dominant Life Cycle 4) Vascular tissue a) i) Water is needed (1) in growing tissues to fill up new cells (2) in leaves for photosynthesis (3) in leaves to replace water lost by evaporation ii) Sugar is needed (1) Wherever it isn ʼ t being made iii) How is water brought to the top of the tree? How are the products of photosynthesis moved from the leaves all the way down to the roots? b) Two important functions of vascular tissue: support and transport c) Xylem i) Xylem is the tissue that transports water and minerals from the soil up through the plant into the leaves, etc
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(1) There are two main cell types that do the transport:
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16_Maloof_Vasc_Plants_I_Outline - Lecture 16 Vascular...

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