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17_Maloof_Vasc_Plants_II_Outline - 1 Two types of leaves...

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1) Two types of leaves: Megaphylls and microphylls a) Leaves are the main areas for photosynthesis. As such they need to do two things: i) Harvest Light ii) Gas exchange (Fix CO2) b) The most efficient shape for this is a flat plane c) Two different types of leaves are generally described: i) Microphylls. Leaves with a single vascular strand ii) Megaphylls. Leaves with a branched vascular network. d) The evolutionary origin of these two are thought to be different ( show slide) i) Microphylls. Several theories, one of which is reduction and sterilization of a sporangia ii) Megaphylls. Evolved from branches. Several steps are required here. (1) Overtopping: Change from a dichotomous branching pattern to a pattern where one branch is dominant and the other not. (2) Planation, or flattening of the branching structure (3) Webbing to fill in the space between the branches. e) With those ideas in mind I would like to describe some of the vascular plant clades: f) The earliest vascular plants (that we know about) are known as
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