IB 117 _14 Perph Tiger Balm analgesics

IB 117 _14 Perph Tiger Balm analgesics - channel pain...

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IB 117  Thomas Carlson Peripheral nervous  system Tiger Balm  analgesics /  rubefacients Plant origin  Geographical /cultural  origins Mechanism of action camphor Cinnamomum  camphor Asia Agonist at cold-activated ion  channel pain pathway menthol  Menthol piperita Europe Agonist at cold-activated ion  channel pain pathway eucalyptus Eucalyptus  globulus Australia Agonist at cold-activated ion  channel pain pathway Clove oil  Syzygium  aromaticum Asia Agonist at heat-activated ion 
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Unformatted text preview: channel pain pathway capsaicin Capsicum annuum & C. frutescens Tropical America Agonist at capsaicin receptor, a heat-activated ion channel pain pathway methyl salicylate Gaultheria procumbens Eastern USA Inhibits cyclooxygenase which inhibits prostaglandin synthesis salicylic acid Filipendula ulmeria Europe Inhibits cyclooxygenase which inhibits prostaglandin synthesis...
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