IB 117 _15 Topical remedies

IB 117 _15 Topical remedies - capsaicin Capsicum annuum&...

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IB 117 Thomas Carlson Topical Skin Remedies Plant origin Geographic al/cultural origins Therapeutic uses aloe Aloe vera Arabia Burn treatment witch hazel ointment Hamamelis virginiana Eastern USA Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, arnica Arnica montana & A. fulgans Europe & North America Skin inflammation, blunt injures calendula Calendula officinalis Europe Skin inflammation, skin infections, wound healing
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Unformatted text preview: capsaicin Capsicum annuum & C. frutescens Tropical America Agonist at capsaicin receptor, a heat-activated ion channel pain pathway oats Avena sativa Europe Anti-itch papain, chymopapain Carica papaya Tropical America Protease enzyme debrides necrotic wound tissue; enhances digestion bromelain Ananas comosus South America Protease enzyme debrides necrotic wound tissue; enhances digestion...
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