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IB 117 _24 ID Immunomodulators

IB 117 _24 ID Immunomodulators - cells which enables cells...

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IB 117 Thomas Carlson Infectious disease remedies: immunomodula tors & liver tonics Plant origin Geographic origin Mechanism of action / therapeutic uses plant extract Echinacea spp. North America Treats respiratory and gastrointestinal infections as immunostimulant by - increase leukocytes - stimulate phagocytosis - increase cytokines in peripheral blood macrophages root extract Astragalus China Prevents or slows progressive telomere shortening of immune
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Unformatted text preview: cells which enables cells to function longer and is being developed to tx HIV and AIDS Aerial part extract Uncaria tomentosa S. America Immunostimulant used to treat viral infections Silymarin and fruits Silybum marianum Europe Protects liver against toxicity, hepatitis and has anecdotally been used as an antedote against Amanita liver poisoning coffee decoction Coffea arabica NE Africa Reduces development of liver cirrhosis and gall bladder disease...
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