IB 117 _26 Gastrointestinal disease

IB 117 _26 Gastrointestinal disease - Europe Treats...

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IB 117 Thomas Carlson Gastrointestinal remedies Plant origin Geogra phic origin Mechanism of action / therapeutic uses psyllium seeds & seed husks Plantago afra, P. ovata Europe Bulk forming laxative works in 1-3 days seed/seed husks, sennosides A & B, danthron Senna alexandrina S. augustifolia Asia Stimulant laxative works in 6- 8 hours bark, anthraquinones Rhamnus purshianus West North America Stimulant laxative works in 6- 8 hours castor seed oil Ricinus communis Africa osmotic laxative works in 1-3 hours peppermint oil Mentha piperita Europe Reduces intestinal spasms and reduces intestinal fullness and is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome ginger Zingiber officinalis Asia Treats nausea THC, cannabis Cannabis sativa Asia Treats nausea & vomiting and stimulates appetite cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum Asia Treats nausea and stomache discomfort chamomile tea Matricaria recutita
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Unformatted text preview: Europe Treats stomache discomfort tincture/paregoric of opium loperamide Papaver somniferum Europe Used to tx diarrhea by following mechanisms: decreases propulsive contractions in small intestine; decreases propulsive peristalic waves in large intestine; decreases gastric, biliary, pancreatic, & intestinal secretions atropine and tincture of belladonna Atropa belladonna Europe Blocks muscarinic cholinergic receptors and works as an antispasmodic to tx diarrhea guava leaf tea Psidium guajava Trop. America Treats diarrhea rice, rice water Oryza sativa Asia Antisecretory mechanism to tx diarrhea bark latex, crofelemer Croton lechleri S. America Antisecretory mechanism by inhibiting chloride ion secretion into the intestinal to tx diarrhea bark extract, berberine Berberis vulgaris, B. aquafolium Europe, N. Amer Antimicrobial which tx both diarrhea and dysentery...
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