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ASSIST Questions Background The assignment considers the American Stop Smoking Intervention Study (ASSIST), an important public policy program that was developed by NIH in order to reduce tobacco usage, and thereby improve public health, in 1991. The study funded tobacco control programs in 17 states. More than 91 million people, and 17 million minorities, were included within the study. At the time, the ASSIST program was the largest single contract health initiative in U.S. history. Fundamental to the design of the ASSIST program was its use as a demonstration project . Please see the reading by Hall et al. (1992) which describes how the 17 funded states were selected from the larger pool of applicant projects, and is included in the course readings packet. 1. Repeat and update the ASSIST project selection study. 2. Background about the 1991 study, smoking rates and demographics can be found online. Useful websites include those of the National Cancer Institute, U.S. Census
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Unformatted text preview: Bureau and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For proposals, the technical score and the budget need to be randomly generated in a realistic way. The budget will correlate (approximately, not precisely) positively with state population. 3. The mathematical model required for the case follows tutorial T1, with the addition of some simple constraints. 4. If the authors of the study were asked to repeat it, there is one additional demographic variable that they would wish to include. Identify the most valuable missing variable, rerun your model to include it, and comment about any changes in the results. Important notes a. Please use the format described in the syllabus in preparing your case report. b. A careful justification is needed for the assumptions of your models. c. The information in the syllabus can be used as a checklist. d. Please see the website for an example of a well written case report, which can be used for comparison with your own....
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