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H.M.S. Pinafore Questions 1. Use MS Project to draw an AON network that represents the project without crashing. Find and report the Gantt chart, critical path and makespan. Assume a seven day work week, but exclude University holidays and exam days and also any Ontario statutory holidays. Further, assume that any workers hired for the project cannot work on these excluded days, because they need supervision from Francis and his team. 2. Answer all the questions raised by Francis in the case. Tabulate the questions and your corresponding answers. 3. Consider each of the crashing opportunities and their associated costs. In each case, is it worthwhile to spend the additional money in order to crash the task(s)? Similarly, consider any uncrashing opportunities. 4. Consider whether some of the stated precedence requirements are really necessary.
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Unformatted text preview: Identify and prioritize precedence requirements that (a) seem unnecessary from a practical viewpoint, and (b) would make the deadline significantly easier to meet if they were removed. Only remove precedence constraints where a convincing, practical argument can be made for doing so. Important notes a. The organization and format described in the syllabus should be used in preparing your case report. b. The information in the syllabus should be used as a checklist in finalizing your report. c. A careful justification is needed for the assumptions of any models used. d. The website contains an example of two well written case reports, which can be used for comparison with your own....
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