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1. Use Microsoft Project to forecast the finish date. Identify the critical and noncritical activities, opportunities for crashing for both internal and external tasks, and any resulting implications. 2. Identify the decisions that have to be made. Does the fact that Ken Mark has only two hours to make them change the decision process, and if so, how? 3. Compare the risks and rewards of each of Ken Mark’s possible choices. 4. Is the best decision for the brand also the best decision for the company? If not, how should the conflict be resolved?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Based on all the information you used to answer the above questions, make a specific recommendation to Ken Mark. Important notes a. The organization and format described in the syllabus should be used in preparing your case report. b. The information in the syllabus should be used as a checklist in finalizing your report. c. A careful justification is needed for the assumptions of any models used. d. The website contains an example of two well written case reports, which can be used for comparison with your own....
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