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Cambridge Checkpoint English P2 Specimen Mark Scheme 2012
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This document consists of 5 printed pages and 2 blank pages. © UCLES 2011 [Turn over UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS Cambridge Checkpoint ENGLISH 1111/02 Paper 2 For Examination from 2012 SPECIMEN MARK SCHEME 1 hour 10 minutes MAXIMUM MARK: 50
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2 © UCLES 2011 1111/02/SM/12 Section A: Reading Question 1 Part Mark Answer Further Information (a) 1 Will (b) 1 We know what he is thinking and feeling. or It is his thoughts and actions which drive the plot. Total 2 Question 2 Part Mark Answer Further Information Phrase Quotation 2 He enjoys reading. He is thoughtful / sensitive to others’ feelings / atmospheres. He has a good relationship with his brother James. He is responsible. He cares about the rabbits. He likes it when it snows. ‘Will put aside his book’ ‘Will put aside his book’ ‘Will paused, frowning’ ‘‘Hey’, Will said, disturbed.’ ‘He pulled up his legs to make room.’ ‘It would have been too much like a reminder.’ ‘they scuffled together, grinning,’ ‘remembering a duty:’ He came to his favourite rabbit … affectionately.’ Any quotation that supports his care for the rabbits. ‘I wish it would snow properly.’ ‘gift he most wished for … it was snow’ The mark for Phrase can be awarded even if the Quotation is missing or incorrect. The mark for Quotation cannot be awarded if it does not match the Phrase given . Total 2
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3 © UCLES 2011 1111/02/SM/12 [Turn over Question 3 Part Mark Answer Further Information 2 He is concerned by their behaviour / feels that something is wrong. ‘Opening doors to fill the feed boxes, Will paused,
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