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DBDS: Tutorial Questions on Databases Tutorial 9 Introductions to Database Concepts 1. List three examples of database systems. 2. Define the following: Data Database Database management system File based system 3. What are the limitations of the file based approach? 4. Why is data redundancy common in a file based approach? 5. Briefly describe five components of the DBMS environment. 6. List five advantages and disadvantages of DBMSs. 7. List 5 database packages that you know. 8. Discuss the role of the following personnel Data administrator Database administrator,
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Unformatted text preview: Logical database designer • Physical database designer • Application developer • End-users 9. List the main components in a DBMS. 10. What is data independence? List the two kinds of data independence and define them. 11. Give the two parts of data sublanguage and give their purpose. 12. Define the three levels of the three-level architecture. 13. What is a data model? What is the purpose of it? 14. What is conceptual modelling? 15. List six functions of a DBMS. 16. List and describe the phases in designing a database. 1...
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